Green Waste Collection

Green Waste Collection

A few times per year, city councils organise FREE residential bulk verge collections of green waste materials.

There is no better time to give your gardens a big clean up, for you to enjoy as to save on the disposal fees. 

Your trees might need to be pruned, reshaped, or simply have their crown lifted. Few hedges might benefit from being cut back. You might like as well to clear footpaths from overgrown shrubs, or even clear windows from overhanging branches and bushes who are blocking the view, or just getting ride of falls piled up for months.

Be assured that I will be more than happy to do the job for you.

Following is a guide on city council’s schedule, please check their website for specific dates:

The Town of Cambridge, Claremont and city of Nedlands conduct two collections each year, usually in Spring and Autumn.

The City of Stirling conducts a collection every nine months.

The City of Melville does it up to 3 times/year; in February, April and July.

The City of Subiaco has got a specific program run on weekly basis providing residents use required waste bags, but also accepts piles of green but it should be no larger than 3m L x 1.5m W x 1.5m H.

For more information please contact Damien:


    0413 528 628 -

Woodwork: Console Table

Woodwork: Console Table

Passionate about trees, canopy, rain forests, and the amazing forest of the south-west of WA, I cannot help myself but to create from time to time some amazing pieces of furniture by upcycling unwanted timbers. Sometimes collected from building sites (skip bin), or by asking around…Always worth it.

This console table has been made to replace old, crappy, and unwanted Ikea stools, using Merbau (offered by a client) and Jarrah (given away by neighbours). Coated with a mix of beeswax and orange oil.

It fits perfectly in the dining room, behind the northern window for our orchids to enjoy light, warmth, and shelter.


0413 528 628 -