Coastal Planting

Coastal Planting
Two days in an amazing location in the western suburbs, 300m away from the ocean to get that garden going. A few months ago, it was still covered with magnificent traveller’s palm (ravenala), but it was time for a change.
Instead, it has been decided to plant an array of coastal delights, 80 of them in total:
Summer scent (radermachera), Desert star (carissa), swamp lily (crinum pedunculatum), Lime wave (lomandra), Stephanotis floribunda (a climber), Emerald cascade (liriope), Dusty miller and a Frangipane. Some Dichondra’s seeds have been used in  between all of them as a ground covering.
Rob from total transformation set up the support line (marine grade) to get the Stephanotis climbing on the western wall. Great job mate.

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