Verge at low Cost


         The video is a great example of how to turn a deserted section of verge into a nice kerbside using only wood chips and sweat.
By shovelling out consciously the weeds and the root systems associated, as racking the topsoil, it gives me confidence in not applying any weed mat.
Why? Because they usually break down after a little while bringing more micro-plastic in our environment. We don’t need this to occur anymore. Enough is enough. LoL.
It also reduces the initial cost associated for the refurbishment of the verge.
Food for thoughts: Perhaps we could imagine weed mat made from natural fibres; cotton, linen, hemp…
The work has been completed in July 2019, and for the last 9 months, I had only a hand full of weeds coming back. Which had been handpicked during my monthly visit to avoid propagations. So far so Good.
For $100 worth of chips, plus 3 hours of labour, it’s a great satisfaction. Good job Mate.

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